Help with a potted Japanese Maple

robbieg22April 24, 2013

Hi guys Im new to this forum and I need a little help. I live Toronto and have overwintered a small japanese maple in a large pot. Its budding now and I was thinking of moving it into something larger. Ive read conflicting information some say move in early spring (now) or move after it has gone dormant. Dont know who to believem any suggestions

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Robbie, is this plant going to remain in the pot? or are you asking if this can be transplanted outdoors? Some Japanese maples are hardy and some are not.

By overwintering, did you mean you kept the plant indoors? or outdoors. If outdoors then it was dormant and is still just waking up. If indoors, it's been half asleep for all these times and hence not safe to move outdoors yet.

In anycase, an outdoor plant may be safely transplanted now. Dig the hole first before moving the plant into it. Also mulch it so if there's a sudden freeze because the weather has been unpredictable and mulching will help guard against that. No fertilzing yet.

The information you receive is correct. The plant goes dormant in late fall and so it's safe to move it into its new site without damage. No need to fertilizer. It won't even need water at that stage. In early spring, the plant is still dormant and it would still be safe to move it to its new location.

Does this answer your question?

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