Who is your favourite and why?

varmi(WA Aust)August 16, 2005

Hi all

I'm new to camellias, having just transplanted one old thing yesterday. I read up all I could on this site before I did it. I'm afraid I may have caught something, I think it's called "Gottahavmor Disease" ;P

Saw a pick of "Ville de Nantes"...wow!

Anyway, have fun in this thread


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longriver(SF Bay Area)

Welcome to the club! I admitted that I have Gottahavmor Sydrome. I did have "Villa de Nantes". So far I have over 1,000 camellias in my backyard about 25% are named cultivars and many camellia species. Please do not get too surprised. There is always other side of story.

Compared to another camellia nut having about 3,000 or 5,000 camellias( not too many). I am just a junior. My friends come to my house and often manage to get a few with them. They are so gratiful and at the same time it reduces my excessive load.

There is also another way to look at. Every year I can produce about 200 crossed seedlings. It does not take too long to reach one K. The anticipation and excitment to behold the new and the unknown flower is the worth of all that efforts.

Have fun!

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varmi(WA Aust)

Well Longriver, I must say I'm gobsmacked & impressed! Wish I had the land, imagine the possibilities ;P HA! you call yourself a junior! Not a camellia nut? Junior nut seems a good compromise, I hope to be an emerging to developing camellia nut. Am a rose hip myself but felt the winter is left for dead by these beauties...I started noticing the cammies around the place :)

The disease has a full hold on me, I'm afraid I bought Margarete Hertrich and Emperor of Russia. However I suspect the latter was mislabelled as the flowers were different from the other pots of EoR and label. These are GORGEOUS!! Risque red with white blotches and in the very same form of EoR. Could this be the variegated form??? Marg H has gorgeous too, very fine petals, hope they don't spoil easily in the rain, never thought of that. Too late.

All I need now is a good med pink ;P I do get attracted to the striped ones...Camari is lovely but I'm a bit restricted to what they sell here. Now it's just one step at a time....in this order, buy--->plant in hole. Got a terrible habit of buying too many and then wondering where to put them ;)

Hmmm thought this thread would take off and see fellow camellians throw out names of super favourites they simply could not do without. Would it work if I throw in a bag of poo? heheheh

cheers and thanks for sharing, fascinating stuff!

PS- Own 2 cammies and one transplant that hopefully LIVES and prove my mum and sister wrong!! They're betting I've killed it, we'll see!

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Coquettii, his flowers are really buttiful...

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Virginia_Bill(z7 SE VA)

As my wife says, "I never met a camellia I didn't like," but I must admit that my all-time favorite has GOT to be Nuccio's Pearl.

I am partial to formal doubles, and the way the color blends so gracefully into white with the Pearl to me is just incomparable.

Have had camellias for a bit over a decade and air layer some 30 to 50 each year. Have just started propagating from seeds and am looking forward to seeing the first blooms from that endeavor.

We live on 20 acres in the country so have plenty of room to expand... ;)


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varmi, I to live in perth, and understand your 'love' of camellias.It's true, it's a bug.'sorry' once you get the taste you can't stop.[well you can,but it's hard].
There are some lovely 'pinks' around, where do you 'shop' for your's?.'NUCCIOS CAMEO',NUCCIOS JEWEL','FRAN HOMEYER',MRS H. BOYCE',why? just because they are beautiful. these are just a couple of my favourites,and these are all available in perth.hope this helps regards cheryl perth.

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Blood of China. It blooms Mother's Day here in Philly, with the Kurume azaleas.

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davidcf(7 GA)

If I had to choose one, Nuccio's Gem would be my pick - pure white formal against dark green leaves - and a strong performer. I got re-interested in camellias recently - had a dozen or so during late 70's when I lived in Tidewater Virginia. Unfortunately, I grow lots of other plants other than camellias, so finding a spot for a new plant is very difficult! Nuccio's Cameo is looking very tempting.

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longriver(SF Bay Area)

One of my favorite camellias is my own seedling which is a small formal double flower with yellow and yellow petal vines at the center. This plant is being under evaluation in China. There are so many similar camellias but this one is different.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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GAAlan(z7b(on map) 8(imby) Atlanta)

Its a revolving door for me. I have a Snow Flurry that I admire more with each passing year. It has a wonderful semi-weeping habit with pure white anemone flowers.

Beautiful flower Longriver!

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

'Donation' is an outstanding one enjoyed by many.

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susan82(So. CA)

Nuccio's Pearl! Gorgeous color and perfect form :)


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