varmi(WA Aust)August 16, 2005

Hi all,

I am new to camellias and need a little help to work out the name of an old type I have. I figure it is old as the trunk is 15 cms wide. Currently in flower here in Oz. Very, very pale pink or barely pink, semi-double(about 12 petals) and prominent bush of stamens. The flower is not huge, small(roughly 8cm wide). The flowers drop whole rather than petals fall individually. Leaves are thin, roughly 2cm wide and 5-6cm long. They are a medium green. No scent.

It's not the prettiest flower but I do love it's simplicity.

Thanks from Oz


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varmi(WA Aust)

It looks like this only the leaves are more elongated. Allie Blue's bloom is pretty much identical.

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MaxP(NSW Aust)

It could be a chance seedling somebody planted long ago as well. I only say this because of the pale colour and simple form of the flower.

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