Sick Camellia in Italy

velibSeptember 1, 2008

Hello everybody,

I'm more or less posting this for a friend of mine. He has got a Camelia wich uptil recent times did well. Now though it seams to be dying. I searched the internet for a cause but haven't really been able to come up with one. I posted some links to pictures of the plant also describing the problems. In general it sheds a lot of leafs.

I would be gratefull for any help.




By [url=]hubbabubbah[/url]

White 'wires' like spider webs on some dead leaves:



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I could not open the images. Could you try again, or is it me?

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longriver(SF Bay Area)

The plant seems need repotting. You can do it next late Feb. At the same time you can examine the root. Wash off compact soil if it is nessary. Use a larger cylinder-type plastc container with good drain, about 5 gal. Good potting soil formulated specially for camellia is necessary. You can even add 20% of very small fir bark. The plant also need fertilizer, using cotton-seed meal or fish emulsion solution fortified extra with chelated iron elements early next spring. Hope it will recover nicely. We know it is a slightly slow process.

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@ florence i'm afraid it is you as it seems to be working fine.

@longriver, thank you i had that feeling to, i'll pass it on and hopefully it survives.

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