Nuccio's Nursery FYI

luis_prSeptember 4, 2009

The fires in the Los Angeles Area got quite close to the nursery, close enough to start talking about evacuating the area. Things improved but everything and everyone must have gotten quite a bit of smoke inhalation.

Not sure if phone service was impacted but if you are having trouble in the last few days, give them time to recover and try again in a few days (?).

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Bumping down

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

luiz, thank you for posting this. Just as a point of information for anyone reading, Nuccios does things differently than most nurseries. When you go to their "website" all you will see is an address and phone number. When you call (Keep trying. There doesn't seem to always be anyone available to answer the phone.), they will take down your name and address. After that they mail you a catalog. You mail back your order. Then they ship your plants and send you a bill. They do not accept credit cards. Yes, I know. I am still shaking my head in disbelief, but it's kind of refreshing, too.

I have tried off and on to reach them for two years. Maybe the time difference was the problem. I don't know. Finally today, someone answered: nice as could be. Their internet ratings are unfailingly high.

Lord willing, I am going to have Bella Rosa this year. I have already dug the hole. :)

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Thanks so much for the info. on how to get in touch with them and get the catalog....there are 2 or 3 they hybridized that I would love to have, but have never seen locally in SC. Now I know to just keep calling.

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begoniagirl(z9 SoCal)

I've made the two-hour drive to Nuccio's many times in the past eleven years to purchase their wonderful camellias (I have about fifty), some of which you can only find at their nursery. They don't care two cents about a's all about the camellias, azaleas and rhodys. This nursery is a little blast from the past owned by the friendliest family ever who spends their time tending, hybridizing, and happily imparting info to their many customers. Yes, you can eventually get them on the phone but if you ever come to California, this is a camellia lovers dream. BTW, the aforementioned Bella Rosa is fabulous and so is the Giulio Nuccio.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

If they could delegate out the work to maintain their website, they'd probably get so many internet orders, they'd have to hire more staff! The rest of the world wants to know about their camellias!

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