Snails in Toronto, HELP!

SouthOntarioApril 27, 2011

I'm in terrible trouble and I need help!

The thing is, I live in Pickering, Ontario (Toronto), and I have snails everwhere! I love them and I love having them. The problem is, they sneak on to the walkways / patio / driveway, etc... It breaks my heart to see one that has been stepped on / crushed and if I happen to step on one myself, it will honestly upset me for days... I've never had snailages (that's what I call snails) at my other houses, therefore I am wondering, are they attracted to a particular tree or plant or maybe it's me?

Can anyone help me with a solution to keep them off the walkway / patio / high traffic areas, etc. without hurting them or killing them? As of now, I have to go out early in the morning and pick them up and move them to a 'snail safe spot'... But with 3 little kids in this house and 3 adults (and only 1 or 2 that actually care), it's impossible to keep up with them. (They are not as slow as I thought and they seem to move right back to where they shouldn't be as soon as I go back inside)

Is there something I can spread on the patio stones, etc. that will keep these guys away? I want them to stay, but just in the garden and with the plants... Please help, my email is below...


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Well, I must say this is a first for me, someone wanting to keep the snails in their garden. Most people want to get rid of them because of the damage they do to plants! Since they come out at night, you could try putting hiding places for them. Try putting a few rocks or leaf debris in a pile or even a toad house to attract them. They like a shady, dampish place to hide during the day. Marg

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This is a joke right?

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It's kind of sad, but I'm the same way, except I put them at the edge of the yard, the part that's owned by the city! Try making a little raised shelter with plants. Often times snails go on to 'high traffic areas' because they are trying to avoid the excessive water that can build up in the garden area, especially after rain.

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Hahaha...I can relate, and not. Until I became a gardener I thought snails were just the cutest things. Then, I started gardening and realized they were eating all of my precious plants and my attitude changed.

But, I don't really have the heart to kill them, unfortunately for my plants. So, here's what I do (I get a lot of snails in the shady areas of my yard):

First, mulch your gardens with something like bark chips. They don't like crawling over anything hard and scratchy. You can line the perimeters of your gardens with broken eggshells which may also help.

Second, google 'snail deterrents'. I know that's not terribly helpful, but there are lots of ideas out there from diatomaceous earth to copper netting. Just like people line gardens with that stuff to keep snails out, I imagine it will work to keep snails in (don't use the mulch if you actually want them to stay in their snaily jail and eat your plants. Just use perimeter method.)

Hope that helps a bit :)

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If this isn't a joke -- then wrap copper tape around the flagstones. Copper will give the snails an electric shock and so is a deterrent. However it is rather expensive.

Salts kill snails (and plants)

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