Need a positive ID

rikyrik(SE UK 8)April 21, 2013

Hi can somebody identify this please and maybe a few tips to help me out, I bought this when it was in a 2cm pot, I repotted twice since then and it went through a rapid growth spurt, I thought Cacti grew slowly but I could liturally see it day byaday, that was all well and good but after it got to a sertain height it just went floppy..I was never sure how much to water it but as it was growing it seemed to respond better to regular watering. I never knew if I was over or under watering it but either way it stayed floppy and has been ever since and not grown atall. Is this typical or have I knackered up another plant lol

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Opuntia monocantha Monstrose?
we would need a better/clearer pic to be sure.
also, that plants needs tons more light. If it is the afor mentioned name it should be like mine , standing straight up.

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It seems you did not give this plant enough light from the beginning. Did you try to learn something about growing plants well, and their requirements? You can't expect your plant to grow well if you do not meet their needs. Proper light and watering are paramount. If you educate yourself before attempting to grow, the outcome will be much better. But that is my opinion only. Good luck in future.


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rikyrik(SE UK 8)

Thanks for the prompt replys, I guess I was asking for that lol. I was making a joke because ive got another post about a ficus im not doing very well with but I have lots of plants growing nicely so I must be doing something right, as for the cactus 1 problem was that I didnt know what it was called so I couldnt find spesific infomation about it kinda why im asking for an id lol,I do have plant books that I read but it wasnt in them i also couldnt find it on the internet so I was a bit in the dark, it grew very differenly to other cacti so given the circumstances I think I did quite well growing it from a few inches to 12 inches,you could almost say it was thriving, but out of the blue it started flopping over, it was in a very light area I later moved it to where I pictured it. Im definatly not the most green fingered person alive but hopefully now ive found this forum and with a little help where needed I will hopfully improve :)

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