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Bogart(6 Ont.)April 25, 2009

In today's Toronto Star there's a full page ad from Scotts for Roundup, saying it's still available in Ontario for "noxious weed" killing. Then they label four images of what they call noxious weeds, and one of them is an image of Goldenrod which they have labeled Ragweed!!!!!

Please contact Scottscanadadotca to ask them to correct this gorss error. Imagine, a giant horticultural company telling people that Goldenrod is ragweed and should be killed!!!

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Not that I disagaree with your basic message but what is a prized plant to one person... There are alot of companies that sell dandelion seeds as a wonderful garden plant.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

I thought that as of Earth Day, that RoundUp was no longer to be used in the province of Ontario, as it is a banned chemical except for golf courses.

Am I correct or have I misinterpreted the legislation?

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I guess that all depends on it's application. A noxious weed - ragweed, scotch broom, poison ivy and oak, etc.. would definitely merit such usage. It's ironic though that golf courses still prevail with using banned chemicals.

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Bogart, I saw the ads and was surprised by them. Talk about misleading information and images.

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Sometimes a small amount of roundup is the ONLY cure for certain types of weeds. Used properly, it is a safe product. I am buying a few bottles to store before our provincial government 'protects' us against ourselves. I would rather see much more education and a lot less legislation to solve these type of problems, in this case, a misuse or overuse of gardening products.


Here is a link that might be useful: Our website

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Roundup is still available in large concentrated amounts for agricultural use to farmers with a pesticide license. I was also surprised when my husband told me he saw small spray bottles of premixed still for sale. I thought all sales for cosmetic purposes would be banned. I guess you can't hurt your neighbors with a small spray bottle but I don't see the difference between that and using vegetable dust on the veggies in your garden. Some of this stuff doesn't make sense to me. I agree with more education and maybe some limiting of spraying lawns for weeds especially in built up areas but some of these things that have been banned here are not harmful if used correctly at the appropriate time. We import food that has had who knows what sprayed on it - you just wash things well before you eat them! There are carcinogens everywhere in our lives now- just try to avoid them.

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Many years ago, my great aunt liberally used malathion on her roses. It was supposedly safe to use. My aunt later died of cancer & parkinson's disease. I am convinced there is a connection between pesticides and disease that occur years later.

In anycase, any little bit helps and it has to start somewhere. If one learns to use organic ways to tackle problems in a garden, then it will start spreading out and more people will rely less on pesticides. This won't be an overnight event but these are baby steps forward.

Never underestimate the power of the chemical industry. They see the banning as a theat to their industry and so expect to see a PR campaign underway to convince us these products are safe.

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