raising Spinx moth tobacco worm cats

christinebutterfly(7)July 28, 2012

I am raising tobacco horn cat they have cocooned now some are on the bottom under the dirt some are on the top their horns have not become longer have the size of their body's and black

I spray the dirt to keep it wet some of the ones on top get wet I stir the dirt around a little on top so it gets to the bottom. I have one or two that are still moving when i spray but the others will not move and one barely moves at all there is starting to get these little fly's( like baby gnats) all in the critter cage I got and I get them out the best I can. I live in Washington state so the weather is not really hot like 50-70 degrees should i turn on my heater to get it warmer in here more like 80 ? Why are the rest of them not moving ? How can I find out if they are alive or not. Here is what they look like now. The one in the middle always moves

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NaturesFolly(West MI 5)

If they are in a tank you can get a reptile heat mat that you can put on the bottom of the tank (outside) so it will keep the temp up for you. I am sorry I cant answer the main question but I am sure someone will.

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