Wild camellia limbs

candydawnSeptember 23, 2008

I have a Winters Star Camellia and it has 2 long limbs growing from the top. Can I just cut them off now? If I can cut them off,can I plant them to start new ones?

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

You can do minor pruning like that at any time. And you can try to propagate, although it is a little late. Tender cuttings propagate far easier. Here is some information from the American Camellia Society:

"Cuttings of new growth are the easiest to root. They should be taken soon after the tender growth matures and hardens (May - August). The cut should preferably be made around the fifth node (the node is the tiny bud-like growth at the base of the leaf junction with the stem). Cuttings of this length are long enough to remove the lower leaves, leaving eyes from which roots will develop in addition to those at the cut end. A tapering cut should be made at the base of the cutting. This allows more surface for roots to develop. To reduce dehydration, the leaves left on the cutting may trimmed back one-half.

A media of one-half sand and one-half peat has been proved successful. Also used are vermiculite and perlite. The medium should drain well but not dry out too quickly. Any box, pot, or container, or bed at least 4-6 inches deep that provides good drainage is suitable for the medium. Although not necessary, a rooting hormone may speed up rooting if applied to cuttings before inserting into the medium.

Cuttings should be place in rooting media about 2 inches apart and 2-3 inches deep. A covering of glass or plastic over the pot will help to retain moisture. Intermittent mist is used by nurserymen to prevent drying out. Cuttings should be kept moist, but not wet at all times. When cuttings are well rooted, usually mid-to-late winter, transfer them to pots or plant in a protected bed. A small number of cuttings may be rooted in a pot of sand covered with a milk jug or soft drink bottle with bottom removed."

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