marricgardensApril 27, 2006

Good morning. I was thinking of getting a forsythia. It will be planted in our zone 5a garden, up north of Barrie. It will be in a very open, windy site. I read where it will grow in clay soil, we're constantly amending. What I was wondering, does anybody have a forsythia bush in that area? Does it still flower well? I had read that the buds aren't that hardy. Is that true? We had thought of this bush because we like both the foliage and the flowers. Any advice? Thanks. Marg

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With the right selection, you'll have no trouble with a Forsythia. F. 'Northern Gold' flower buds are good down to -38ºC (according to USask). I've attached the link from the Dominion arboretum in Ottawa for the Forsythia they grow there (5a, sometimes 4b?)


Here is a link that might be useful: Forsythia @ Dominion Arb. Ottawa

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Yes!! Definitely go for the 'Gold'!!

I wanted a Forsythia in one particular spot, yet two died on me there. It's a corner of the house where the coldest north winds whips around just for the heck of it!! Tough place to be if you are a plant. No snow accumulation either.

Then I bought the Northern Gold last year. Had a little chat with it before winter set in... And it wasn't babied with a burlap windbreak.

Right now it's blooming and I am so happy!! So save yourself a lot of disappointments and buy the Northern Gold.

Footnote: A small branch broke off last fall and I stuck it in a pot. I now have a second one!!

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Thanks for the advice guys. I did contact one of the local nurseries up there and they have Northern Gold. Once we have our house up, I'd like to get 3 of them and plant them close to the house so I can see the gorgeous spring color. In the meantime, my neighbour has 3 of these, 2 huge bushes and 1 baby. I asked him if I could have some cuttings when he pruned and he said 'Okay, let's go.' We went to one of the large bushes and he started to prune out some rather large branches for me. I took them home and put some in water and planted the others. Last time I checked, the ones in water were still growing, with new leaves on them. I want to see which way they root faster. If they all root, I will have lots of forsythia. To bad he couldn't remember the name of the ones he had. Marg

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I hope you notice how big they can grow. LOL!! Do take that into consideration when planting.

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