cedar hedge won't grow

octapussApril 26, 2008

i have planted white cedar along my property two summers ago. They are about five feet high and moderately filled out. i have fertilized them in september and may for the past year. As i patiently wait this spring i have not seen any new growth? Am i being impatient? IS there something i am not doing right? Any tips out there? I was told that these cedars grow fast and would be great for make a hedge along the property line.

thanks for the input!


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Check for disease. These do grow but in spurts. Be patient. If it is healthy, then there's no problem. Continue to water well. Do not over fertilize which can cause chemical root burns. Most especially don't fertilize on hot dry days. Top dress with some mulching and perhaps some composted manure and these trees will flourish.


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thanks for the response.... i have covered with mulch, to retain moisture in the summer months.... i just thought after two springs i would see some new growth.... will have to be patient!

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sharont(z5 can)

Water, water, water. My cedars grow fast in wet clay soil but so slow in sandier dry soil.

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But don't over water. I've lost a cedar due to it getting water logged becuase rainwater from a neighbor's downspout drowned it.

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Look at it his way. Once established to your desired height, the slow growth will be a positive point requiring less trimming.

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