nico6196(Z5a)April 21, 2008

I know this time and late fall are the best times to top dress/seed a lawn but I was wondering how long does it need to be protected after seeding? We have a 22 month old that may trample it, so I thought I would ask if this should be avoided and for how long?

BTW - I have been picking dandelions out of my front lawn for a week and a half now. New ones "seem" to be popping up every day. How fast do dandelions grow? Or am I just missing them?

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Give it 2 weeks. And in case where you have bare spots, I would recommend reseeding again in 2 weeks. Seeds need to be cool in order to germinate which is why summer is not a good time for seeding.

As for dandelions. There are several ways to handle them.

I have a tool that helps me remove the entire plant, roots and all because it will resprout even with the tiniest bit of root left.

I also use boiling water to kill the plant. I do this several times more in the following weeks in case the plant sprouts again.

Or last resort, is to use round up to kill off the weed.

I also minimize dandelions from starting out by debudding the plant so it doesn't get a chance to bloom and to form seeds.


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I have noticed that I haven't been able to remove the root all the time. Would pouring boiling water over the root be helpful or what about pouring vinegar over the root?

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I would suggest to water the grounds well if you are trying to pry the plant out roots and all. It helps to loosen the soil and increases your chance to remove the plant whole.

If you are trying to use the HOT liguid method (water or water/vinegar method) - do not water the lawn beforehand (and thus strengthening the weed). Thoroughly drench the plant with the hot liquid. Later remove the dead portions of the plant and once again repeat the process.


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