Camellia FAQ?

roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)September 17, 2005

I posted on the Suggestions and Comments forum ref: Camellia FAQ''s the link if you want to show your support....

Here is a link that might be useful: Camellia FAQ request on Suggestions & Comments Forum

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Even if there was one. I would guess that 90% of people with questions would still post and ask instead of going to the FAQ site. It's a good idea, I just wonder if it would be worth while. People tend to view information on FAQ as the absolute truth, when in fact, it may be controversial and may vary according to the particular gardening site.

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

Yes, i have seen some postings reference that fact - that people don't check the FAQ. I am just weird that way i guess - if there is something i want to know, before i post - i will check both FAQ and a search, most of the time anyway.

Just thought I would toss the idea out...

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