Keeping dog out of garden

nico6196(Z5a)April 21, 2008

We have a large german shepherd that lives in the backyard year round. We have been unable to keep him out of the border garden that goes around the whole backyard (there are two other dogs both behind us and beside us - so he's often in the gardens). I've given up hope for most of the garden but we want to plan some cedars in a couple of weeks (to provide a privacy screen) and I want to make sure he doesn't come near them (his urine has killed pretty much every other evergreen in our garden). Any ideas on a really good barrier? Any good barriers that aren't visually disgusting (will still but up a really ugly one if it means we save the cedars)? TIA

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Hi, Is it possible to fence it off? There are nice alumnimum rail type fencing available and these are usually cheap. If fencing is not an option, there's a plant called SCAT DOG which if planted every 3 feet (according to the seller) will deter dogs because dogs cannot stand the smell. This is available from Richters by the way.


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A nice short picket fence would look good and deter him, maybe, if he's not a jumper.

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I keep my rose canes and place them around the garden for 'all' animals in my garden, I find it a natural way... I don't have to keep re-applying and you can't notice them in the garden.... just have to remember when you go to weed that they are there! It has kept my rotti's out of my beds so its worked for me :))

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myfairychloe(5b Guelph ON)

I have the same problem with my boxer. She gets in our back garden when the dogs behind us come out to do their thing. Her nose has to be in the fence. LOL She gets muddy paws and comes in the house...nice on the carpet if I don't catch her. I'm wondering if perhaps those citronella plants at Zehrs/Loblaws/Superstore will work...isn't it used in those barking collars?

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