Camellia green leaves are falling

fcaro02139September 19, 2006

Hi, we live in L.A. and have a small camellia (two feet or so) . It's in a pot and receives the morning sun.

We are also very careful in terms of not over/under watering it. In the last month the leaves have been falling at an alarming rate. Even more surprising, the falling leaves are green and seem healthy. What could it be? Some sort of root fungus? Thanks.

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Hi this too happened to me.I was told it was 'shock', have you only just brought the plant or have you had it awhile?.
After this happened to me all of the plants were put into 'sick bay', I nurtuered them with a product we have here in Australia called 'seasol',do you have this product in america?,it is based on 'seaweed extract' and helps to rejuvinate the roots, it puts,lot's of 'good bacteria' back into the soil.
The plant should be just 'moist', and only put into a pot apx 2inches larger than needed,if it is in to large a pot this can cause the 'soil' to sour and turn 'rancid'.
If the 'roots' are brown and no 'white roots then it's probably 'root rot'.try repotting into some fresh soil, for acid loving plants, and give them a 'sesol' tonic, I did this with mine and now they are growing nicely, hope this helps, have a nice day ,cheryl perth australia.

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