ctlaneApril 25, 2007

I planted some silvermound(wormwood) last year and really enjoyed them. I just googled it for some more information and read that it should be cut back in the fall which I didn't do. I just looked at it and all that grew last year is dead but is starting to grow new plants and am wondering should I go and cut off all of last years stuff? And do I cut it every fall?

Thanks for any advice.

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That's just a recommendation. It's not necessarily the only rule to follow. You can cut off the old dead branches in spring if you prefer. Sometimes, depending on how cold it can get in your area, it's best to leave last year;s growth on the plant which would help to provide insulation during winter. Ianna

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Thanks for your reply. I'm in Nova Scotia so I guess it won't hurt to leave them to cut until spring seeing as it can get pretty cold in winter.

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I agree with Ianna - leaving it in the fall will provide insulation during winter. Not sure where in NS you are, but here on the Prospect peninsula, we had barely any snow this year and any help this plant can get is good. In the past I've lost a couple when I've trimmed in the fall, but if trimmed in the spring after the new growth shows, they have all done well.

Some folks trim them in the growing season too. I find it helps to prevent them from flopping to expose the middle.

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Thanks tiffy. We live in Antigonish Co. and also have had hardly any snow. I guess I will leave it a while longer before I trim off last years stuff as we still get frost at night.

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Let me tell you something. Snow actually works as insulation for the plants during winter. It keeps the temps steady whenever there's freezes or thaws which are major reasons for why plants can die during winter or in spring. So having very little snow means it's best to provide the plant as much of it's old foliage as possible.

I regularly used to have all the snow dumped on my borderline roses which really helps to keep the plants alive.


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