purple-anemoneApril 20, 2012

Are there humming birds in Toronto? I have lots of nice flowers for them (well, maybe not now yet)

and wonder if its worth hanging a hummingbird feeder

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There are hummingbirds but sometimes are too quick to spot. You should try hanging feeders but the one thing that attracted one to my garden was a dropsmore honeysuckle.

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If you are going to hang a feeder do it in the next couple of weeks. If they find the feeder there's a better chance they will stay. If no food they will move on! It's worth a try.
We always have lots out in the country here and I usually try to have my feeder up by the first of May. We have lots of trees for protection and they nest here. They can really go through the food though!

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We don't get very many here. Last summer my brother came for a visit and parked in front of the house. His car is black. The hummingbird spent more time hovering around the front of the car than anything else. I thought it strange that it would be attracted to a black car but it seems it was. After it was done, it flew right at us and almost into my SIL! This was in the p.m. so there was no sun reflecting off the lights. Go figure! Marg

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I really don't know what makes them pick one place over another but I do know they like the trees to hide in as most birds do. My parents always had them at their cottage near Haliburton.

It is so fun to watch them fight over the feeder. I have it hanging from a string tied to 2 posts on my porch and they will sit on the string. They sure can fight!

A few years ago I found 2 babies in a tiny nest that was on the end of a young maple branch about 6 feet off the ground. The branch was about 1/2 inch in diameter. The poor things were bouncing around like crazy every time the wind blew. It was mid September and within the next few days they were gone. I took the nest off the branch and kept it-I didn't want them coming back to that dangerous spot! I think they nest in a maple tree in our back yard now. They always seem to zoom in from that direction. Lots of fun!

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how sweet. Good pointers on attracting them to our yards. I got lucky then when one visited. We tried putting feeders but so far I've not seen one visit the feeder. They seemed keen on getting into the blooms of my honeysuckle. Unfortunately that vine died last year. I've to replace it yet.

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Thanks everyone for the good ideas. I hung a feeder in my flower garden yesterday. Now, I can only hope...
The photo of the hummingbirds in their nest, Swontgirl, is the utmost of my aspirations - absolutely adorable.

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I am in zone 5a, just North of Toronto and there are lots of hummingbirds here. Last year, I hang the feeder pretty late � around mid-July and still there were so many visitors that often they would fight with each other over the feeder. During the day time in the summer, at least one bird would come and feed every couple of minutes, sometime 2-3 birds at a time and then the air fight starts. The feeder is hanging from the patio lamp, so the birds eventually get used to people around and will let you stand about 1 meter from the feeder (you can make great shots with your camera once they get used to you)
This year, I already hang the feeder outside last weekend, but no visitors yet.
The pictures are from the last year.

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Cool pictures green go! I can't get that close and usually end up taking pictures from inside through the window. But we have lots of barn cats around so birds have to be careful eating around here!
With the snow today and how cold it is I hope the hummers don't show up for a bit yet!

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green go
I love those humingbird pictures you had on your photo bucket was it
Imagine when I pushed buttons etc. I got them onto my Facebook , somehow

Very nicely done
Hope you do not mind that I posted the shots
Looks a nice spot that you live in, right here in Ontario

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Ruby-Throated hummingbird this year:

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a lot of hummingbirds here on the prairie in Manitoba- Canada.
they look for my butterfly / Buddleia plants

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I saw a hummingbird at my sunflowerseed birdfeeder last week. (In Toronto). At last! Now I know they are close. I refilled my hummingbirdfeeder with sugarwater, because of cause, it just looked at the sunflower seeds and left. My backyard has the sunflowerseeds. The front yard has all the flowers and the sugar water. Maybe I should add another hummingbirdfeeder in the back too...they might feel saver in the back...

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