Eastern Tiger Photo - male or female?

christie_sw_mo(Z6)July 29, 2011

I think most if not all of the female Eastern Tigers I've seen here have been the dark form but I'm not sure on this one. Is it a male with more blue than normal or a female with less blue than normal?

If I didn't mix up my pics, this is a side view of the same butterfly:

Here's another one that has no blue that I can see, so I think it must be a male:

Here's a side view of the male:

The first one says "lost and found" because it's one that we looked for in the house for over a week. It escaped the container when it was ready to pupate. I finally found it, in chrysalis form, but not attached to anything, just laying on my carpet by my cedar chest. It's a very lucky butterfly. I don't how it didn't get stepped on or eaten by my kitty in all that time.

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

It's a male tiger with just a little blue, Christie. Most of the male tigers that show up here have zero blue, like the one in your third picture, but occasionally, one will show a little bit of it.
Congrats on raising all those tigers - that's rare!

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Looks male to me. Ours have more blue like the first one. Another way to tell is a tapering end and claspers on the abdomen. Sometimes right after they eclose it is difficult to tell because they are a bit swollen

So, pretty!

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Thanks! I'm pretty sure I haven't seen any yellow females this year then, just the dark form.

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terrene(5b MA)

Wow - that is amazing you found the chrysalis on the floor more than a week later and it was undamaged! You must have been going crazy wondering where it was?

What host plant do you collect the Tiger Swallowtails from?

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