desperately need privacy

siccxfiveMarch 21, 2014

as you can see from the pic im in need of some privacy hedges. I just planted some sweet broom which im going to pull out and return to home depot after doing a lil research and learning these are very invasive in california. my neighbor has plants on his side in which I dont want to disrupt. I would like to cover up the back fence where the artificial bamboo is (neighbors side) as well. I have another section of fencing which I planted a confederate jasmine vine but is a slow grower. I want something to completely cover up the fencing quickly any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. los angeles california zone 23

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I would plant a hedge of clumping bamboo all along the fence. Something like Bambusa oldhamii or Otatea acuminata sap. aztecorum. That's quite an unfortunate view, I doubt a vine on the fence would be enough to the sight of both levels of the building. Good luck.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Cheap, reliable, reasonably fast (water for good growth) = Ligustrum japonicum, AKA Privet, available at any big box store, Plant them about 3' apart and at least 30" away from the fence itself. Give it room to get dense and solid: do not plant it right next to the fence.

Now, for INSTANT help until the Ligustrum grow in, you can get opaque fabric to attach to your fence to make the view of the other side go away TODAY (or as soon as the order comes). Google up "privacy fence fabric". It's fairly inexpensive and well worth the money.

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I agree with Hoovb. I would take one additional approach depending on funds, and purchase a tree to block the view of those living in the second story apartments.

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wcgypsy(10 / Sunset 23)

I like Hopseed Bush / dodonea viscosa for fast growth and agree about at least one tree planted closer in, away from the fenceline for additional privacy from that second story overlooking your yard.

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I lived in a similar situation. First as large of a patio cover as possible to block out the view down with a tall trellis around it with bougainvillea helped a lot since most time spent out doors was on the patio. Maybe a lath house?

That plus the fence fabric screen or those slats that fit in the chain link would be a quick and huge improvement...if you already have a patio cover I would definitely close the sides or at least the side facing that apartment in with plants or perhaps some other material.

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