Found Nuccios Bella Rossa. Need advice.

donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)September 1, 2009

Wayside Gardens has Bella Rossa, which I have been lusting after for several years. This is the first mail order place I have seen it. It is $29.95 for a trade Gallon (3 quart). The info says it will reach 6 to 8 feet high after TEN years. My question is how long do you think I will wait to see blooms if I buy a plant this small.

Does anyone know a source for a larger plant???

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It was developed by Nuccio's Nurseries in California; why not call them directly (626) 794-3383
and see how much it would cost to order from them. The plant is also distributed by wholesalers Monrovia and Growquest. Local nurseries that get plants from them can special order for you. Other local nurseries can also order from those two. I have seen this camellia for sale locally at local nurseries but I doubt there is much stock in camellias this time of the year. They seem to get shipments near the end of the year (some nurseries may tell you when they expect camellias to arrive if you ask and if they know).

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Thanks, luis. There is no Monrovia nursery anywhere near me and I have checked. I have tried calling Nuccios Nurseries in the past too, but was never able to get anyone to answer the phone. I am, however, very encouraged to hear that you have seen bella rossa offered near you. My daughter is in Fort Worth, so I will start calling around. (She always needs Christmas gift ideas...) There is a list of Monrovia dealers on their website. Do you by any chance recall which one you saw bella at? Around here, camellias begin arriving in the garden centers in October. Does that sound about right?

Bless you for holding down the fort on this off season forum!

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No, sorry, I do not recall exactly where I saw it but it was either at Calloway's or North Haven Gardens in Dallas. Those are the places with the best selection.

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