favorite camellias/rain spoilage

azehav(7/8 Oregon)September 18, 2004

I have room for one camellia in a hedge and want to choose a really nice one. Here in Portland, OR I see a lot of camellias, but so many of them spoil in our heavy spring rain. Any suggestions? I like Jordan's Pride/Herme, Tom Knudsen, Taylor's Perfection, Pink Perfection, Glen 40, Kramer's Supreme....There seems to be so many pretty ones, any help would be appreciated.

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This may not be the problem where you are, but when we have a lot of rain, those camellias that have even a little blossom wilt do "spoil" and look terrible. Those that are healthy do just fine. Of course, that means that usually they have been sprayed to stop the disease before the rains started.

those seasons when I have sprayed as a preventative, mine have done well. those years when I have be lazy and didn't get around to it.......well, we won't talk about it because it's usually pretty awful! Even a little rain can ruin.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Check around the garden web for MorZ8, who is from your part of the country and is very knowledgable about growing camellias in the PNW.

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jane_socal(Sunset 23/z10)

Of the ones you have, I have Jordan's Pride/Herme, and Kramers Supreme.

Seems to me flowers show rain damage less when they're not white or pale pink, and smaller flowers get knocked off less by rain.

Those two varieties are both fragrant Japonicas, which is nice, but Herme has white & light pink on it; Kramer's Supreme is darker, so might hide imperfections like bruising better. Haven't grown it long enough, though, to judge if it buds heavily enough to last well past the rains.

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