Growing cacti from seeds for the first time

dianashhApril 18, 2014

Hello - I have some Echinocactus seeds from my 15 year old golden barrel cactus + melocactus seeds.
I'm planning on planting them tomorrow, I soaked the echinocactus seeds in water until tomorrow. I read that I need to put them on soil using a syringe then cover with plastic bag so it's humid and leave in a bright place (no direct sun) and it should germinate in 4-6 weeks, is there anything else that I need to know? also, do I need to take out the melocactus seeds from the dried fruit before planting? Thanks.

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cactus_cowboy(z4 WY)

You do need to remove seed from fruit before sowing. Wash the seed thoroughly to remove any pulp clinging to it, allow to dry and then sow.

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maark23 TX/8a

I would also recommend sterilizing the soil. You can put it in the micro for a few minutes.. Just make sure the mix is moist.


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Hi guys. Thanks for the help I planted the seeds on the 19th and I checked today they germinated!!! I'm so happy about them :D

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LatinLady(6 New York City)

Congratulations, mommy!! Those are some lovely little new babies growing there. Nice job!

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