Epi help/question

Avery09April 2, 2014

Does anyone have any clue what this guy is doing? Started a little over a month ago. Epi gets direct sun 3/4of the day and partial for the rest.

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Since Greg has responded to your other post ("What is Happening?") and both this post and the other post are asking the same question, I'm bumping this one down. Look at your other post "What is happening?" to see his answer.


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Thought you were having an allergic reaction and needed help with your epinephrine (Epi-Pen) injection. :-)

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Haha the first didn't seem to post so I made a second. And now they are both here

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That's okay, GW can be funny sometimes like that. When that happens and I'm like okay, I know I just posted something, I come back in say five/ten minutes and reload the page and wallah! It's there. Otherwise I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out who ate my post.


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