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Betty LevarApril 7, 2011

While walking the dogs I saw a vine - something like a clematis in front of a house and it had yellow flowers blooming on it. It was not a forsythia but the flowers were individual and spaced about a few inches apart. I thought it looked so lovely on this cold morning. Can anyone perhaps tell me what it could be? Thanks

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rosco_p(z6a ont.canada)

Betty: I am just wondering if what you saw was a Carolina Jasmine. I know this yellow flowering vine blooms in early spring! Only a guess but if you Google it I am sure you will get much info. By the way I am awaiting the "wakening up" of the Brugmansia that you so generously traded with me last fall. Hope all is well with you. Ross.

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Betty Levar

Hi Ross: Hope the brugmansia does well for you. Enjoyed the magazines. I have been looking up Carolina Jasmine and that it what it looks like but I thought they said it was only viable in zone 8? It really was lovely. I'm always looking for something different. Betty

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