Raspberry:'Autumn Bliss' and 'Royalty'

kanuk(Zone 5 Qc Canada)April 3, 2009

I'm looking for Raspberry 'Autumn Bliss' and/or 'Royalty' and I'm wondering if anyone has seen these offered for sale at any of the big box stores this year.

Thx in advance.


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Royalty is avilable from the Ghesquiere Plant Farms Ltd. in Simcoe, Ontario. In 2010 was priced $90 per 100 canes. Very productive. Plant it far and completely separately from red raspberries. Do not hesitate and plant many canes at once, lets say, 200 canes at once. In two years have your own jam and never buy in the store. Also, I would suggest to plant 8 -10 roots of Blueberries: Duke, Blue Gold, Bluecrop. In 4-5 years have up to 10 pounds berries from each.

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kanuk(Zone 5 Qc Canada)

naletkina - Thank you for contributing the information to this post. Although my original quest dates back to April 2009 I'm sure your information can be of help to anyone on GW who's searches include info on Autumn Bliss or Royalty raspberries. I found & planted Autumn Bliss raspberries in spring 2010. I bought the canes from dominion-seed-house in Canada. It was my first time planting canes. Although they looked like dead sticks upon arrival I'm very happy to report that after planting in spring they all not only took root & grew to approx. 2+feet in height ... they also gave us about 15 berries! They are currently(2011) offering them 5 plants(canes) per package.

Thanks again for helping others in their search for these berries.

Here is a link that might be useful: Autumn Bliss: Dominion Seed House Canada

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