dahlia's received frost last night

adair_2008April 30, 2008

I covered them with a tarp I guess I needed more...Do i need to dig the tubers out ? Or just cut the frozen dead part off and put them in a warmer place?

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Leave them be. Just tent cover with weighed down newspapers and they will be fine.

Do the same with any annuals you've already set out.


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I cut off the frozen shoots,and from what I researched they may come back !!! I Will Never think that by putting a tarp on them will save them again. They are indoors till all threat of frost has passed in the containers

Have a great week !!!

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They usually recover from frosts with good enough frost covers (a simple tent or a plastic dome helps). In anycase, it's not the stems that you should be concerned with but it's corms which should be protected with mulch.

I have had mine out for over 3 weeks now with no problem. digging them out after they've started to produce roots interrupts their progress. In anycase, I'm sure your dahlias will recover.

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Hi! I planted my dahlias out early, too and (thankfully) covered them with light "tupperware" containers. They usually do a great job in fall even after a few hard frosts in my garden here, so I'm sure yours will recover as long as the corms weren't killed. Hope it works out!

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