2008 Bargain and Garden Show & Sale Hunts

ianna(Z5b)April 17, 2008

Hello Everyone,

What a great day it is! Sun is out, daffodils are about to bloom, the tulips are coming up..The birds are chirping. I'm sure you are all busy working in the yard,spreading new soil, probably itching to start buying plants...

Well I thought it might just be the right time for our members to start searching out for bargains and to share their finds with us. Post anything garden related (accents, plants, furniture, etc) you happen to know of. Where a sale is taking place, if there's a corner store sale, if there's a bargain, if theres a garden show in your area(neighborhood, town, city, province etc), if you found your prized hard to get plant.

Cheers everyone. Let the fun begin.


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Dominion Seed Company has a 40% off sale on some of its summer flowering bulbs...dahlias, cannas and begonias...until May 2nd.

I find their prices a bit steep usually though...


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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

RBG is having their garden show in Hamilton/Burlington this weekend.

Here is a link that might be useful: Royal Botanical Gardens

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The Toronto Botanical GArden has a plant sale starting:

Annuals and Perennials
May 14 through 18, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

I'm not sure if you have to pay to enter the place.

I've been to a few garden centres this weekend. So far no big bargains to be found yet.

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raptorfan(z5 Ont, Cda)

always wanted to check this one out...

Spadina Museum's Annual Plant Sale
Saturday, May 31, 9 a.m.
Be sure to be here early as this popular annual sale of heritage plants from Spadina's historic gardens always sells out very quickly! Prices as marked. Admission is FREE.

285 Spadina Rd.
Toronto, ON
M5R 2V5
Phone: 416-392-6910
Fax: 416-392-0382
e-mail: spadina@toronto.ca
Event Hotline: 416-338-3888

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thanks for the tips. I hope I can get the chance to check it out.


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meggylou(zone 4)

Azilda Greenhouses in Azilda ON, just outside of Sudbury is having their advance perennial sale on Saturday April 26th.
I was checking out some of their new stock online, they have some nice things this year, quite exciting!

Here is a link that might be useful: Azilda Greenhouses

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Does anyone know when the montreal biodome plant show/sale is? I've heard it's worth going to, but either because of bad searching or bad french skills, I can't figure out when it is.

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

queuetue - the Montreal Botanical Gardens has two plant sales.

The first one is on Saturday May 10th and requires that you belong to "Les Amis du Jardins" ($45 to join) - it is a sale of the products of the garden's horticulture students. I plan on going this year but I've never been before.

The second, and better known sale, is the Montreal Botanical Garden's Great Gardening Weekend. It runs May 23, 24, and 25. If you belong to "Les Amis du Jardin" or have an "Acces Montreal" card, entry is free, otherwise I believe the usual garden entry fee applies. I've been to this one several times and there is some run of the mill stuff there, but also some great plants I never see elsewhere. Definitely worth going to.


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bonniepunch - thanks for the info. Are either of these shows of interest to a gardener primarily interested in veggies and edible flora?

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

No bargains since April 26th? That is a surprise. The garden centres are full, and the owners are getting richer. LOL

I haven't seen any real steals yet, either. However, I thought this deserved to be up and front.

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Sadly not too many bargains to be found yet. Perhaps the cool weather is toning down garden activity. I think bargains are best found in smaller sales, speaking of which I was disappointed to have missed the Parkdale Horticultural Society held their annual plant sale in early May. - Many bargains to be had.

Having said this, I have restocked on many perennials. Been very busy moving plants from one site to another. I'm seeking pond plants -- So anyone knows of where to go in Toronto, I'd appreciate it. I've been to Sheridan's already and have bought a couple of things from them. (the prices - gulp, but I think it's well worth it)

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

Now is the real bargain hunting time! I noticed yesterday that the Loblaws garden centre on Rachelle (Angus Yards) in Montreal has a big sale sign up. Probably other Loblaws are doing the same thing.


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Same in our local loblaws. However I am still waiting for those really deep cuts - so far it's only been 50% discounts.

With regards to other place such as HOme depot, some shrubs are on sale and some small potted perennials. However note that many of their other plants are still not on sale.

It's rather tricky in this present economy. Many sales aren't really sales since the prices were jacked up before hand. So know your prices before you dive in.

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Just hit a couple of good ones, but I'm the type that will go for what looks dead.

About two weeks ago I went to Walmart and they had Astilbes in gallon pots. Ten of them were on the same table and they looked like they were dying since the leaves were dry and curled up. Upon further inpection (LOL!), I discovered new growth coming out so I turned the pots and took a couple of plants out of their pots. The roots were in great shape surprisingly. Regular price was $10.00 per plant but I got them for .50 cents each!!! Bought all ten plants, took them home, trimmed them, gave them water and they are looking fabulous!! Just planted five in the gardens.

Then at our Superstore (your Loblaws?) yesterday the plants were 50% off but silly me goes to the back and spots 3 Hydrangea Annabelle shrubs which are dying. The soil is so shriveled it's away from the pots by one inch. But wait! The bark is still green. :O) Young lady calls the manager and I walk out of there having paid $1.00 each whereas the original price was $15.00 each. Oh joy! Two of them have sparked up today but the third is going to require a bit more TLC. Not an isuue. :O)

I love this time of year - don't you??

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Goodness, I do that too. I however spotted a virginia blue bell being dumped out and so I rushed to get it. All for $0.

I have to visit walmart. I need new astilbes.


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exciting for sure

I found some deals at Canadian Tire in Barrie. Plants have since the spring been neglected. They look terrible and many of been thrown out.

I was hoping to get twenty boxwood plants marked down but when I went the other day, the salesperson said they had just been thrown out. How sad.
I didn't see the dumpster around or would have looked in, you can be sure

Did pick up a number of 4" perennials for 50 cents a piece which is good for me the small plants as I am in a new garden space and what I was most pleased with was a
Mandairn Honeysuckle an exclusive plant from the University of British Columbia Plant Collection that is said to be hardy to Zone 4. I forget now what I paid but think it was five dollars

keep this post up it is good to hear about bargains in the garden

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Loblaws is just about done with their sales. I managed to get a variegated ornamental grass - calamagrotis, large-leafed lamb's ears, unknown astilbe and a blue thistle - around $15 in total (large pots). If anyone is interested in say a drift of large leafed lamb's ears - Loblaws has plenty yet. These will look great in sun or part sun conditions.

Canadian Tire's clematis vines are at $6+. Not bad considering they cost more than $15 at some areas.

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I did get the deal at Home Depot the other day in Barrie

I noticed a stack of bagged plants stuck back in a corner Looked through them and some looked decent Heuchera and Canna lilies (I know it is late for them) Astilbe and such

I took them up to the counter to see what the price was

THe lines where busy so I went to one whereyou check yourself out and I thought I must have done wrong as they came up for .01 cent

THe lady came over and said no that is right

I went back and got another 15 mostly Astilbies. THey where from a company called Windmill which is a division of Pan American Nursery Products and are grown in either Milgrove Ont or Surrey B.C

I was so excited about it all

Have planted them and most all of the twenty or so that I bought, have strong root systems yet and I am sure will be okay

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If anyone is looking for a deal on a yellow magnolia, there is one left at the valu-mart on Bayview and Millwood in Toronto. I picked up the other one for $20. :-)

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...Close out sale in Hamilton...

Hi all. There's a little parking-lot-summer-garden-centre at Upper Gage and Mohawk (Food Basics lot) closing out their summer stock. Nice little 4" pots (root-bound of course) going for 6 for $10 or whatever you can negotiate. I think they're probably finishing up by the end of the week.


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I started searching for the not so common plants at HD and came away disappointed. No sales on large perennials and shrubs - however their small pot perennials are on sale. Not much choices though.

However, on a recent trip to an outdoor fleamarket, I managed to a filipendula which was prized at $8. Not a great bargain I admit, but in antoher garden centre I found the same plant at $14 - so this is good enough. I've been searching for one since spring.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

Yesterday, I dropped into one of the Canadian Tires in Guelph for something. I just had to walk down to the flower end, and noted that they had potted foxglove on sale. They were in amazing shape, not root bound, healthy, just starting to bloom, and a very good price. I actually left and checked out walmart ( which had nothing of interest ) and Home Depot ( whichh had even less of interest ). I actually went back to Canadian Tire and got a couple to stick into the garden. I also picked up some Black Eyed Susans which were in good shape, and found a couple of corners to stick them in.

If I hadn't trimmed my hedges in the morning, I wouldn't have had the space to fill. That should teach me a lesson or two. LOL

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I managed to score on sages the tall kind for only $2.60 for all three at a Loblaws location. I note that more plants are still available and probably many Loblaws garden centres will be over by the end of this week. I don't know for sure but I'm told it can be anytime now. So for those still searching, there are white sages in excellent shape, lots of lady's mantles which are incredible with paired with sages or roses. Sedums - lots of sedums. They may not look great but the roots are fine and they will reward you with a great show next season. A lot of perennial herbs are rock bottom prices. Grab those creeping thymes! Ignore any plants that are mildewy.

Hmmm I'm going back for more.


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Reeves garden centre which is not far from Humber, has a big sale on this weekend

40% off everything I believe it said and better

They have some nice stuff. I usually wait to go there till end of October when the prices are really knocked down and yet some good stuff

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

Perennials Plus, in Guelph, has their 30 % off all plants today. I think I'll check them out.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

Annuals were 50 cents...most in really good shape. I got a really nice gerbera daisy.

All other plants were in good shape as well. I got an oak leaf hydrangea for a bald spot in the garden. I think she did well on her sale.

Before I went to the nursery though, I did stop at Zellers ( at my neighbours suggestions ). They had potting soil there for $.99 for a 15 litre bag. I thought it was a good deal, and got enough to get me through my early spring potting next year.

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Ianna: If you are still looking for water plants, Humber Nurseries is having a big sale on them, its their anniversary sale. They also have lots of trees, shrubs etc. on sale too. www.humbernurseries.com. Marg

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WildThings is having it's annual Labour Day Sale Aug. 30, Aug. 31 and Sept. 1. Plants are discounted 20% the first day, 30% the second day and 40% the third day. There is also an outdoor cafe. www.wild-things.ca

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