Cactus help!

avery09April 18, 2014

So I got this cactus (start) almost a full year ago. In that time it has done nothing. Ideas of what the problem is! The cactus I got in the same trade is planted next to it has tripled in size.

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Some Cactus are very, very slow growers. Being from an arid environment, they are in no hurry. It looks fine.

The one that has grown faster is a Euphorbia. Some Euphorbias grow quite fast--others do not.

So what you have is normal.

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As close up of the guy who isn't growing.

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The guy who isn't growing is in fact a Euphorbia...I am thinking by the variegation that it is E. lactea, though once it grows an arm I could tell you for sure. Sometimes these start off slow, then just get a good growth spurt. I would check the roots, and make sure your soil is not too heavy. It looks too water retentive to me, needs to be cut with perlite by half. I also prefer clay pots for my succulents, helps the soil dry more quickly.


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