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Paul_OntApril 29, 2014

Where's the warmth for southern Ontario? High of 20C in Vancouver. Up to 28C in the BC interior this week says the weatherman but Ontario still struggling after a merciless winter robbed Toronto of much needed trees.

I have a few bulbs trying to flower. Some trees have buds while many big flowering trees are done on the west coast. What a huge difference in spring climate. Especially this year.

In this video the tree referred to as coconut is a mistake but you can only guess that its a palm. Palms and bamboo have jumped the border of California across a few small states and finally to BC. Why did that happen? Why can't the Great Lakes get warmer instead of freezing over as much as ever before? I guess we can think about that in Toronto after we pick up the branches in our spring cleanup. I expect the weather to warm up significantly but we can't hold on to mild weather. Maybe next week!? Vancouver is so far ahead of us with its multitude of greenery and exotic stuff. C'mon Toronto, heat up!


Don't you just like video evidence?

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What's your point?


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Those of us who live in BC don't need "video evidence". We have evidence everyday when we watch the weather reports from everywhere else in North America that we are living in the best place. BC is the only place that has had a good winter this year.

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The sunny BC interior was enjoying summer as wet southern Ontario struggles for a spring day with t-shirts. Osoyoos 29C yesterday. Toronto was at 12C max. Actually a mild day this spring so far. Nanaimo north of Victoria has many trees in leaf. Probably all! And buds have just started in southern Ontario.

Ontario is the winter of our discontent this year. Way too much cold this spring after a punishing winter that did destroy so many trees. And Victoria probably has new palm foliage popping out of a crown of green post winter foliage. God bless the Information Age when you can record anything like Rob Ford's antics and play it immediately.

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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

Paul_Ont, while i only skim posts like this I think you really need to move to this promised land so you can quit whining like a 3yr old.

BC is absolutely beautiful but also stands for "Bring Cash" as it isn't cheap to live here.

Have a great day :)


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It's not just Ontario, you know. All of Canada east of the Rockies to the Maritimes is experiencing a cool spring. Alberta, Saskatchewan and even Manitoba don't exactly count as eastern Canada, so it's not an east vs west thing at all. It's a BC vs the rest of Canada thing.

Do you want to trade places with this Saskie? I bet you that nothing Southern Ontario can dish up compares to what we go through in the Prairies in a normal spring, much less a cold spring like this one. It may be cool in southern Ontario but at least you're not dealing with heavy May snowfalls or daytime highs below freezing.

Here are the forecast highs for Toronto for the next 5 days: 13, 16, 15, 15, 15, with some sunshine thrown in. We would LOVE to have that kind of weather in SK.

And think back to the last roaster of a summer southern Ontario had in 2012. That was one of the few years where the warmth went all the way to Saskatchewan, relatively speaking. We were happy to have nearly three months where we didn't need to wear a jacket outdoors during the evenings. That's all we ask for.

Even the coldest, wettest, most rotten weather in Toronto during spring, summer or fall is head and shoulders above what we deal with in AB and SK.

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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

LOL Slimy_Okra, exactly why most sane people stay away from AB and SK... although it only takes a short period of winter to fry your brain and make you think it is normal.



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I agree with SCG that Paul needs to move to BC so he can quit whining!

I've lived in New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and BC and BC wins hands down for weather at any time of year. Even tho I no longer live on the balmy west coast but in the colder inland area it's preferable to any of the other provinces. Never humid, mostly sunny, little wind, no tornadoes, few noxious garden bugs - what's not to love. Sure it's zone 3 but that only means I get a break from gardening for 6 months! Perfect!

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