Fall blooming japonicas

marshayeagerOctober 1, 2007

Well no response to my 'Oct. blooming japonicas' so how 'bout fall blooming??? I realize sasanquas bloom in the fall but someone told me there are a few japonicas that bloom. Would Daikagura be considered a fall blooming japonica? Thanks.

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White by the Gate, Christmas Beauty, High Hat and Professor Sargent, start blooming early, sometimes in November in Atlanta but it depends on the weather too. Last year, some of my Fall blooming plants started in March because of unusually warm temps thru December in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area.

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I am in zone 7b in southern New Jersey. My Spring's Promise" Camellia japonica faithfully bloomed in time for Thnksgiving each of the last 3 years. Others I know in my town do not bloom until winter or spring. Mine gets quite a bit of direct sun. This may account for my plant's late fall blooming characteristics.

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