Size of Camellia leaves

fairfield8619(Zone 8 NW LA)October 25, 2011

This is another foundling about to be bulldozed for a church. It is growing along the fenceline of an abandoned lot- no houses have been on this street since the early seventies. The plant is about to die and I have layered it but that is out I'm sure. I went and took 92 cuttings- some tip and some leaf-bud and used Clonex. They are in my propagator.

The leaves are the biggest I've seen considering no care and extreme drought this year. It even set a few flower buds. Is this a just a japonica with big leaves or are there other species with large leaves? Amazingly there is virtually no scale! In desperation I probably took half of the green foliage maybe it will live on until I see if these root. It's probably nothing special but this is an older neighborhood so you just don't know. Some of the leaves are bigger than this- almost covered my hand!

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I am guessing that it is a japonica variety. Maybe the old cultivar Latifolia?

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fairfield8619(Zone 8 NW LA)

Thanks, I looked it up and latifolia does have large leaves. This is very old so who knows what it is. I took 92 cutttings- some tip and some leafbud- I will be happy if I get ONE to root! Did this before on an old one- took about 75 cuttings and five rooted- very satisfied considering the no care or water or fertilizer. I used clonex this time so maybe these may do better? Never used it before.

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The leaves you see in the picture, are typical of the specie Camellia japonica. There are many varieties of Camellia japonica with large leaves. Regards.

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