Rhombophyllum dolabriforme

breton2April 4, 2014

I picked a small plant of this species up last weekend. It was potted in peaty crappy soil, and I put it in the windowsill until I could repot it later int eh week. When I looked at it 5 days later it was already very dehydrated and the mature leaves were brown...argh!
I've never seen a succulent need so much water! What do people use for soil mix for this species? I'll be potting it in plastic for sure! It will summer outdoors here in coastal zone 5b.


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Thought someone might have some advice..... Hmmm.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I was totally surprised to see a flower on mine this morning, then saw your post.

Yes, it does seem to need more water than my average succulent. I water mine twice a week at least, and that doesn't seem to be quite enough. Mine is in a very gritty mix. At least I think it is Rhombophyllum dolabriforme.

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Nice to see they bloom at a small size! I hope mine will someday, but am not going to hold my breath until it does!!
Thanks for sharing!

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