JetlifeMarch 5, 2014

Any idea where I can purchase Boysenberry plants in Southern Ca?
They are my favorite berry, and I would like to buy a few bushes in order to grow them.
The other berry that I love is the Olallieberry, but I doubt that I can find one of those bushes for sale.
Armstrong has Blackberries, and Raspberries, but I couldn't find Boysenberries.
Any leads?

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socalgal_gw Zone USDA 10b Sunset 24

Walter Andersen's in San Diego usually has them, although it may be getting a bit late in the season to find them there.

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City Farmer's Nursery in San Diego had lots of 1 gallon berry plants not too long ago. They might still have them.

I got 7 Olallieberry plants there 4 years ago they all flourished. We get tons of berries and they are delicious. Two years ago I started another row about 10 plants long from " "babies" . I am about to make another row now.

Maybe you can find someone nearby that will let you dig up and move some plants. It would work fine. I would offer some plants, but between my new row and promises made there won't be any extra.

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Puggylover Zone 9B Norco, CA

Try out Berries Unlimited. I will order from them next year since I was a slacker and did not get my beds done this year :).

Here is a link that might be useful: Berries Unlimited

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I ordered 4, 1 gallon Boysenberry plants from Berries Unlimited.
They are supposed to send them on Thursday. I'll let you know how they work out.

Olallieberries are delicious. We buy the fruit from a berry stand in Anaheim Hills, and DW makes freezer jam.

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The four plants arrived as advertized.
Nicely packaged in packing peanuts.
Theplants looked like bunch of dried up twigs.
I planted them, and within a couple of weeks, all four have budded out with foliage.
Hopefully they will fill out this Summer.
I'll re-post another follow-Up next year if I get some berries.

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Baby G (Z10, 300?CH, SoCal-LA)(10)

I would love to buy an olallieberry vine, but where?
Berries unlimited doesn't have them.

Interestingly they list Kiowah Thorny as going up to zone 10, rather than zone 8. I wonder if it's different?

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Baby G (Z10, 300?CH, SoCal-LA)(10)

Jetlife: how are your boysenberries doing now? And where are you in Socal?

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