Plants ID Please.

halaeva(z6 Toronto)April 26, 2010

Hi Everyone,

My daughter and her fiance purchased a house and she is counting on my help in gardening.She asks me for identification of her existing plants,emailed me pictures of dozens plants she would like to know if they are worthy to keep,as she changes all the backyard, besides a total interior demolishing work.She could only find old house in areas of her choice in Toronto.She is doing all the planning herself months after she finished her architectural science studies and is not familiar with gardening.I faced a problem with identification of two shrubs and here I am turning to you people asking for a help,sending two photos taken 3 weeks ago.I would appreciate any response.Thank you


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The first one I'm not sure. It looks like some forms of evergreen. Leathery looking leaves. We'll probably know better sometime in summer.

As for the second photo- it resembles a kind of viburnum or possibly a dogwood?

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I don't know the first one either but I believe the second one is a dogwood. Have you posted these pics on the shrub forum? Those guys are great at identifying shrubs. Marg

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The more I think of it, I believe it's a dogwood. Viburnums won't flower at this time of the year. Take a leaf and pull it apart. If you see strings, it's a dogwood.

The other one- I've seen it somewhere. It remains evergreen but has this wonderful pink foliage on new leaves. Gosh it's nagging at me now.

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halaeva(z6 Toronto)

Thank you Ianna.
Thank you Marg.
I greatly appreciate your fast and friendly assistance.
Accordingly to what Marg promps I posted photos in Shrub forum, wouldn't come to my mind to do this.Thanks again.
Ianna,thanks for the tip and getting involved that much!
I'd like to add that plants grow in zone 6b.they came out very early.My daughter can't be there yet due to rebuilding work in progres and can not go there more often to update pictures and send them to me.I hope she can remotely control workers,that they are not removing nice plants.I am sorry for prolonged follow-Up.Maybe I should put my post on Conversation Board.

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Hala, are you kidding? I enjoy a mystery. Definitely a dogwood by the way. And for the second pic. I thought at first I recognized the foliage type.. but then I was thinking of a KIWI vine. So back to square one.


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halaeva(z6 Toronto)

Thanks Ianna.
It will be treated as Dogwood therefore.
I am posting more vivid image of first picture.It would be great if I got ID.

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Hala, does that first shrub have square stems? I'm thinking Burning Bush or some other variety of Euonymous. If you get a positive i.d. from the shrub forum, please let us know. Marg

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halaeva(z6 Toronto)

Marg,The first shrub has not square stems.
I posted my message on Shrub forum according to your recommendation and got reply that the plant looks like some sort of Mahonia,Oregon grape.I do not know any cultivar of Mahonia,try to find resemble picture on Internet without result yet.The shrub can be as old as the house is: 50 years or over.Maybe this days is not popular and because of that nobody knows what specie it is? It is perhaps my silly speculation and I will not uncover the mystery.

the second picture shows Viburnum as they say.

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Hala: I found this article about oregon grape/mahonia. Marg

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halaeva(z6 Toronto)

Thanks Marg.It is a very interesting article.I am willing to believe that the plant is Mahonia.Soon i will have pictures updated,will post them.Thank you for
your dedication.
Hala J.

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Well a mahonia was one of those I'd considered before but after your photos don't seem to show the same holly like leaves.... below is a link to a photo of a mahonia. And does the shrub have the purple berries shown on the photo. I couldn't tell from your photo.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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halaeva(z6 Toronto)

Picture shows a quite nice shrub.Thank you Ianna.I will be trying to provide emage update.I think,the plant probably changed an is easy to identify now.It looks that not many people in Canada grow this plant.
thank you for giving me your hand.

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