ID this plant?

tinanMarch 19, 2013

I planted this, but I forget what it is and didn't write it down! It is thriving here and I love the silvery foliage, and now the pretty white flowers. I might want to get more, if someone can refresh my memory on what it is!

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Looks to me like bush morning glory Convolvulus if the flowers have yellow centers.

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You're right the flowers do have yellow centers and look like morning glories, interesting! I bought the plant much smaller for its foliage, the flowers were a surprise!

More pics:

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It you cut it back after flowering it will stay more dense and not get so scraggly

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I kinda like it scaggly and "au natural" :) Maybe I'll give it a tiny trim.

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If you like silver/gray folaige then take a look at this striking beauty. It does this every spring.
Actually it doesn't photograph well in bright light, but its definately a focal point right now.
I thin it every other year and comes back like crazy.
Bush Germander teucrium fruticana Azureum. I just bought 3 more for another area.
I like the silver gray also or textured plants, not just plain ol green.
I had a bush morning glory but took it out and can't remember for sure why,
but I think I wanted something taller.
But I have an area for one now...hmmm...

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Campanula UK Z8

Convolvulous Cneorum - likes a haircut in spring and a nice gritty soil.

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gobluedjm, I have 2 of those as well - love them!

Here's my front walkway border garden today

This is what it looked like last June when we bought the place

This was last Sept, after I planted all the perennials

They have filled in nicely!

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