Stephanie Golden Pictures anyone?

luis_prOctober 15, 2009

This sasanqua is supposed to bloom early so I was wondering if anyone had pictures? It's ok if they are from prior years though. I am especially interested in pictures that show the "true" color because I find a lot of variability on the Internet color pictures of these blooms. Thanks in advance, Luis

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Luis, Check for a picture on the Green Nurseries site. Click on the 'Winter Garden' link at the top of the page & scroll down towards the bottom of the page. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Green Nurseries Picture Link

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Yes, thanks. I noticed that picture when searching the Internet. I was trying to see if anyone had this shrub and pictures of the flowers in order to confirm that the color I was seeing on the website was true or very close to the real color. Those pictures were taken with the sun hitting the bloom quite brightly and the camera may have adjusted the picture color making the tone look different. If I were to print it and place the picture besides the bloom, it might be an obvious difference. Right now, the pink color looks like a "light" pink, which may or may not be what I am looking for.

This problem happens often, specially with reds pinks and purples (probably because I have lots of those colors in the garden). Sometimes it is the camera, the way the pictures are compressed, the monitor I use to view the Internet web pages, etc.

If someone has blooms of this sasanqua, I would appreciate it if you can post a picture or two.

Thanks again, spartacuslives.

PS - It is that time of the year to review gardening catalogs so I am looking to add some more sasanquas.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Luis, oddly enough, our Lowe's has Stephanie Golden plants in stock right now. I know everyone perceives color differently, but I would describe it as a medium rose pink with lavender undertones. It's very nice. Keep your eyes open, maybe you will see it up close and personal.

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I stopped by my closest Lowe's Store on Sunday but either they sold out or were not carrying SG. I found a lot of Mabel Bryans, Kramer's Supreme and a few Ave Marias, Shishigashira and Setsugekkas. Oh well. I may spot check other stores by phone. I am not quite sure if they received more plants or if those in stock are leftover from old shipments. The person that could have answered that question was not there. Thanks again Donna, Luis

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