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marricgardensApril 5, 2008

We have just moved to the Stayner area and I'm ready to get into the garden. Since it's still under snow, I need my gardening fix, a show. Can anyone tell me where the gardening shows are in this area? I know the Creemore one is next weekend and I plan to go, but are there any others? I prefer the smaller shows myself. Thanks. Marg

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Hi Marg

I am in Barrie, not so far from you

Can't tell you where are the gardening shows as I am yet down in Florida,from wintering here, but returning in the next week

Will be looking to see what you find out

Is the snow gone?

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Hi Diane: Yes, the snow is gone except for a few patches (I live just south of Stayner, in the country). I've been out cleaning some of the flower beds, now I have to go do the garden before the rain next week. I've been trying to find the 'Get Growing' shows but the link only shows the Creemore show which is this weekend, had my dates mixed up! I thought there was one in Stroud but I can't find the link to it. It used to be on the 'Get Growing' site but not now. Marg

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