good rose for Toronto

purple-anemoneApril 17, 2011


I'm starting a perennial flower bed and would love to have a good strong rose that flowers well through the season - mayby also a rose climber for my porch pillar - preferably in a pink shade (or maybe yellow). But I read that they don't like humidity, so is Toronto even a good place for roses? Is there any rose you could recommend for me, that's not fussy?

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I will recommend you Day Breaker, Ebb Tide, Easy does it, Double delight, Sunsprite, Gemmini, Scentimental
Have fun.
Day Breaker
Double Delight
Ebb Tide

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Oh you have plenty of choices. Check out pickering nurseries an online mal order store. They can provide you with so many options.

Roses just need to have a good full sun area, breezy location and it should be fine. Toronto is a good zone for roses. What roses hate is that they don�t like their leaves to be kept wet which is why a breezy location is important. Some roses are susceptible to mildew and to blight (black spots) and wetness encourages these diseases. So avoid hybrid tea roses for these reasons. The hybrid teas are the divas of roses. They are just more high maintenance than other roses.

Anyway, check out pickering nurseries and plot it your wants and it would pop out many options complete with pictures.

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Thank you so much - pictures and all & on-line order nurseries and all!

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good. Because you want season long roses, don't forget to look for repeat flowering roses. This is because some roses will only flower for a certain period and then no more for the rest of the season. Some roses are also mildew & black spot resistant. So look for these qualities. And also check out the David Austen type roses for the 'antique' look. - These are actually modern roses but were bred to copy the old antique roses without the disease the old roses were susceptible to.

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