Vancouver 16C sunny vs Toronto 1C flurries/sun

Paul_OntApril 1, 2013

Well it seems that this year is not starting off like the super spring we had last year in Toronto. Back to normal with Vancouver wayyy ahead in springtime weather.

Whistler is at 16C also. Vancouver is expected to have a low of 10C with clear conditions. Toronto's forecast calls for -4C in the mildest areas of the GTA. What a huge difference in spring weather.

Look at this summer-like video of late March near Vancouver. That's retirement... A good and early spring!

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazing March spring garden near Vancouver, BC

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We awakened today to a foot of fresh snow, with more coming.

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I've lived in BC and agree the weather is nice... in the interiors. Just cannot stand the constant rain in the coastal areas. hate those really wetcold feel. Good for plants though.

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