problems with light fixtures

maryjanej(5)April 9, 2007


I have 2 24" Home-vue brand fluorescent strip.

I have them both on a timer the problem is they won't come on by themselves. I have to rub across the bulbs for them to come on.I've tried with other bulbs and it's the same.They were purchased at a home hardware store in Canada.

Has anyone experienced something like this before?

What would cause this?



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Sounds like the ballast is going on you..When you rub the bulbs it creates more friction allowing the bulbs to light.Is this a new unit? If so I would return it.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

I had this problem as well. I don't have it anymore because I made sure that the unit was grounded. Be sure you have used a 3 prong plug, and that all connections are good. Also take serious consideration to what grammas has said. A week ballast will do this as well.

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bonniepunch(USDAz4 AgCanz5a)

This seems to be a common problem - I have the same problem with one of my 24" fixtures. I suppose it's possible I have a grounding problem as well, but I'll never know without ripping the wallboard out to look at the wiring. This place was plumbed and wired by drunken sailors on shore leave and nothing was done right!

When I turn mine on, the bulbs fail to glow properly. I leave it like that and most times it sorts itself out within fifteen minutes or so. If it is still not properly lit by the time I finish breakfast I flick the switch on and off and that always does it.

That would be a pain with yours being on a timer though. Maybe you can just use the timer to turn them off and turn them on the fussy way when you are home and able to do so. But if it is a new fixture and you have the receipt, I'd take it back and get another one like grammas said - the problem likely isn't going to resolve itself.


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Often as not fluorescent fixtures are NOT to be used with timers (and dimmers) designed for incandesent lighting fixtures. Have you tried removing the timer entirely and seeing if it works from a cold start?

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Hi guys,
thanks for your help. It probably is the ballast.Since it is well grounded and I have two other brand of ballast connected to the same timer and they work fine.

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