Coffee plant

salvianceApril 4, 2009

Does anyone know where you can get a coffee plant in Canada? whether it be at a store location or online

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flora exotica in Montreal lists coffee plants:

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I got mine from floral shops, even some grocery stores carried them.

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Salviance, I've got a book, Plant Propagation, that explains how to grow "exotic Trees and shrubs" from seed. I've followed their guide and have had success with Grapefruit, Lemon, Date and Avocado. I've yet to try their coffee guide. We have a coffee bean shop in the Market here in London that sells unroasted beans, so I'm going to give it a try.
Basically, it says, A good coffee tree to grow from seed is Coffea Arabica. The seeds germinate readily if sown fresh and without drying; dried seed can be reconstituted to some extent by soaking. Station sow about 5 seeds to a 3.5' pot, cover with compost and water in a fungicide such as Captan of Benlate. Keep at a reasonably high temp (18-21C). Seedlings are particularly prone to damping off, so spray regularly with Captan or zineb once the seeds have germinated. This should be about 4-5 weeks. Always keep the coffee trees in a warm place and feed them occasionally.

Good luck, I'll let you know how mine do!

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Reno-Depot in Montreal carries them at $4.00

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