Photo memorial to my old tea that died.

tnangelaOctober 1, 2008

Here's my 12 year old tea during spring shoot.

All year we have had aerial chemical attacks.

It leaves an oily scum on sitting water (after it has been changed out three days ago) multiple containers.

Which is killing everything and making us continually sick.


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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

That is awful. But, "aerial chemical attacks"??? I must be dense; forgive my senior moment, tnangela.

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I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved camellia. It is like loosing a dear friend, I am sure. But what are aerial chemical attacks? Where do you live? Isn't this also dangerous to people and animals? I hope you are able to replace your plant with another just as lovely.

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

My city sprays due to west nile virus "season" when dead birds killed by the virus are detected. Is this the type of problem you are referring?

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To be perfectly honest I have not recieved a straight answer from my government officials as to what these aerial chemical attacks consist of, nor are they willing to give msds (material safety data sheets) on what is being sprayed after being asked. I am of the opinion this is the phenomenon commonly called "chemtrails" on the internet.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Who is it that is doing the spraying? And what is their target?

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Can you show the damage to a newspaper reporter and ask them to ask on your behalf? Also, I would send a sample of the plant to the Agriculture Extension Office for analysis (just in case something else is going on). Maybe they can state what killed the plant.

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I reported aerial spraying last wednesday on 'chemtrailtracking' yahoo group.
message #149973

I also reported that by friday everyone would be sick.
Lo and behold I was right. It's not one of those happy, "I told you so's", though. But here's the smoking gun and the MSM ignorance. If it looks like a chemical attack and smells like a chemical attack and makes people sick like a chemical attack then it must be a ---- ----!

UPDATE 10/03/08 5:35 p.m.: KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Is it carbon monoxide poisoning, that so-called "bug" going around, or something else that made more than three dozen West Valley Middle school students sick Friday while they along with more than 300 of their classmates were on a Civil War reenactment field trip in Corryton?

From uniforms to gun emplacements, reenactors have been trying to recreate every aspect of the Battle of Fort Sanders.

Fifth grader Kahli Hardin says, "They were showing what doctors would do during the battles if someone got shot, and there was a little boy laying down, and there was a whole bunch of people around him.

But it was not part of the act.

Parent and chaperone Rocky McClamrock says, "A rescue squad coming up to attend to him."

Kahli says, "So people trying to, like, help it and fix it, but, like, it wasn't working."

McClamrock says, "And then we saw another one on the ground, and then another one on the ground."

Larry Wilder with Rural Metro says, "All from the same school, West Valley Middle School."

McClamrock says, "We had heard that six kids had possibly fainted, and one had had a seizure."

The Knoxville Volunteer Rescue Squad and Rural Metro declared an emergency.

Wilder says, "You'd think nausea and vomiting could be attributable to carbon monoxide poisoning."

But Wilder says gas analyzers showed no school buses with dangerous carbon monoxide levels.

Given the questions and common ties, first responders knew they'd have to separate the West Valley students from everybody else -- in effect, a battlefield quarantine. .

Ambulances or parents took more than three dozen students to four Knoxville hospitals.

And buses took more than 300 back to West Valley Middle early.

Knox County Schools Spokesman Russ Oaks says, "The Health Department indicated to us that they don't feel there's any need to hold these students, or do any further follow-up. They're not exhibiting any symptoms."

One hospital spokesperson says all but one student will be sent home after being checked and treated at Childrens Hosptial.

Wilder says, "We don't know if it would be a food-borne illness or just general illness."

Kahli says, "They were gonna do a reenactment of the battle, but they didn't because of all the kids who got sick."

Oaks says, "At this point, we don't have anyone who appears to be in any life threatening conditions."

Wilder says some students had abnormal blood pressure on the scene, and their blood oxygen levels weren't right.

He says heÂs also heard some students may have stood next to a bus with its motor running as they assembled for touring the re-enactment.

Some were wearing freshly dyed T-shirts, and the site also requires you walk a bit. All of those things might be factors, but no definite cause has been pinpointed so far.


UPDATE 10/03/08 4:05 p.m.: KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The number of West Valley Middle School students taken to hospitals during a Civil War reenactment field trip in Corryton Friday has risen to well over three dozen, and at least one student has been admitted to the hospital, according to sources.

Twenty-eight students were taken to East Tennessee Children's Hospital in Fort Sanders. One of those students has been admitted to the hospital, the other 27 have been released.

Eight other students were taken to Park West Hospital.

Knox County Schools spokesman Russ Oaks says there were about 350 students on the field trip, and all of them received new T-shirts provided by the Parent Teacher Association. Oaks says that's an angle that the Knox County Health Department will surely explore as potentially being related to the illness.

Knox County Health Department spokeswoman Ranee Randby confirms that Health Department officials are considering, but she says, as the investigation progresses, it's looking less and less likely that the T-shirts are the source of the illness.

Randby says all of the children brought their own bagged lunch, so it's unlikely that the illness came from their food.

Randby says in addition to Children's Hospital and Park West, students have also been walking into other hospitals, including St. Mary's and Baptist West.

The Knox County Health Department has initiated a "full-blown investigation,"
according to Randby.

So far, there's no word on what caused the sudden illness of the students.

CORRYTON, Tenn (WVLT) -- Thirty-one West Valley Middle School students have been or are being transported to East Tennessee hospitals after falling ill on a field trip in East Knox County.

A spokesperson for East Tennessee Children's Hospital confirms that 26 of the eighth grade students were taken there for treatment of respiratory illnesses. Some have already been discharged.

Parkwest Medical Center was expecting the five other students.

Rural Metro spokesperson Billy Kear confirms the students are experiencing symptoms consistent with carbon monoxide poisoning, but Kear says it's still too early to pinpoint an exact cause for the illnesses.

The students were on a field trip to the Battle of Fort Sanders, a Civil War re-enactment being held on Washington Pike near Corryton

Kear says all the buses that transported students to the field trip have been tested for carbon monoxide emissions and the tests came back negative.

Kear says the remaining West Valley Middle School students were loaded on a bus and returned to West Valley. While en route to the school, more students became ill and Rural-Metro paramedics transfered a few students to St. Mary's Medical Center.

Kear says the students are suffering from dizziness, light-headedness, and one student was reported to be unconscious.

Kear says he has unconfirmed reports that several students became sick at the school with similar symptoms on Wednesday.

Knox County Schools spokesman Russ Oaks says the Knox County Health Department is looking into the incident.

Wednesday, nearly 40 students and a half-dozen adults returned from an overnight trip to Camp Wesley Woods after falling ill Tuesday evening. Oaks says there's no information at this time to suggest that the two incidents are related.

Stay connected to Volunteer TV News and for continued coverage of this developing news story.

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tnangela, this sounds serious! You have samples of whatever may be causing the problem on the surface water of the pails in your yard. I just did a search for "chemical testing labs + knoxville, tn." and find that there are two located in your city; BCN Research Labratories and Ames Corp.

Here is what you should do. Submerge several glass jars and their tops into cold water in a pan and bring to a rolling boil for 5 minutes. Remove from water with tongs which you have also boiled the ends of and allow all to cool. Then, handling only the outside of the sterile jars, scoop out the oily water in your outside pails and quickly seal with the sterile tops. Take these to one of the labs, explain the situation and hopefully they will test them free of charge as a community service. Once they have an analysis the testing company should know who to contact and how to proceed from there. You may have the needed 'evidence' necessary to solve the problem.

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snasxs(7-8 VA)

What a shame! The Blue Ridge mountain region is so pristine.

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Hun, it's called hysteria. You should have seen the "sick" kids at a local middle school when a carbon monoxide alarm went off. Turns out it was a false alarm--the equipment got damaged--but dozens of kids worked themselves into fits and insisted on being seen by EMTs or taken to the hospital--not a few of them encouraged by hypochondriac parents.

As for "chem trails"--sorry, that's CONtrails (consisting of CONDENSED WATER) and clouds. You're imagining things and working yourself into a level of hysteria that's quite equal to that of the 11-year-olds. It's pretty silly to think that these mysterious chemicals are making you vaguely "sick" and also targeting your bushes because of some nefarious Plan that the government knows all about. Silly, or disturbed thinking. Stay off the conspiracy boards, and if that doesn't help, see a professional.

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