peat moss

woody64(5a)April 17, 2011

I have access to alot of peat moss and was wondering did anyone ever make up a device to beat up chunks of peat moss to use in the garden?Iam looking for plans or ideas to dump small chunks of peat moss in a machine that will beat or chop it up fine.

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If you have accss to the product with intention to sell them off - I imagine you will require larger machinery to handle the job. On a relatively small scale job- why not use a wood chipper? However we in this forum are users of the product and not the producers. So perhaps you are in need of speaking to farm folks, machinists, horticulturalists, or engineers.

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no I just want something small for my garden.I figured there might be a backyard/garage do it yourselfer in the mist that might have attempted something.Iam going to try and rig up and old

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Is your peat in compressed bales/cubes? I bought one of those a few years ago and just dumped the whole thing on the bare soil and broke it up with a rake (not the kind for raking leaves, but a bow rake). Where I work, we use a lot of peat based potting medium that comes in compressed bales. we kick and punch and sit on the bales a bit before opening them so the medium comes out looser. We use our hands to break up any clumps. make sure you dampen the peat first - I am telling you from experience, dry peat makes a lot of dust, especially if you're breaking up clumps. Sneezing out peat is not a nice feeling!

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so you might try then using just lots of hot water to expand the peat and loosen it up.

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lol,no its from a peat moss bog.I just dig up shovel fulls of it and trailer it to my garden.Its still pretty wet.Its alot cheaper than going to the local store and buying it and I don't have a small garden.I did an area a few years ago and planted cherry tress in it,you can almost see the trees growing.

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Unless you want to acidify your soil, why are you using peat moss?

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the thought occurred to me too. Acification that is.

anyway so then the moss is not really compacted but it's just trememdously wet. In drying then it will start to fall to pieces. Perhaps the next best thing is to lay it on a tarp and use good old pitchfork to loosen it up.

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