'La Femme Fatale' brugmansia

corrie22May 23, 2012

Incredible brugmansia, and it's growing close to me!

Does anyone know how to get in touch with xeriscape8321?

...this is one brug I have to get from him

..I have to stop shopping!


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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

Has anyone given you his email address as yet? It is impossible to do when 'you' have no email listed for yourself LOL. Most folks do not wish to type email addresses in an open public forum for fear of opening that email address up to spam but may be willing to give it in an email to you.

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You know Ruth, I had the same problem with GardenWed when I joined years ago.....I was getting constant spam from this site

I read that Gary passed La Femme Fatale out to a lot of people all over the country....there's a chance since it's registered, that someone might have it for sale

And I was hoping that Gary might see this post....

Anywho....here's my contact email....in code!

keys.......vacation (all one word, no dots or spaces) at bell....south.......dot.......net

thanks Ruth!

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Did anyone every get back to you on a clipping or a source for femme fatale? I would like to get one for myself. The two colors are my favorite.

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I did a little bit of googling to look for xeriscape8321 / gary morales. Hope this isn't him, if so, sad to hear of a tragic loss:


Here is a link that might be useful: Gary Morales neath news story

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This isn't xeriscape because the news is from 2013, and he posted June 2014 on b. Butterfly.

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