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EdBall(29464)October 4, 2005

I was given a camellia when I was born August 8, 1928. I moved it in 1957, then in 1965, then finally in 1999. Each time it thrived. I have never been able to find out the name of this camellia. It is a large , 4 inch bloom, red informal variety. As far as I know they did not name them in 1928 but I could be wrong. How can I find out the name of this camellia? I am planning to air layer it to provide plants for our three grown children but would like to be able to tell them what they were getting.

Any help would be greatfully appreciated.

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There are hundreds of Camellias that can be like yours.

It is difficult to identify a Camellia with this little information.

Even with photographies it is very complicated.

And it is much more difficult when it is a question of ancient Camellias as yours.

You must follow(continue) the forms of identification of the International Camellia Society.

It forms (simply, semidouble i, anemone, peony, incomplete double, formal double, informal double).
Epoch of flowering.
Form of the petals.
Approximate number of the petals and petaloides.
Size of the leaf.
Form of the leaf.
Edge of the leaf.
Color of the leaf.
Form of the glass Constructs and density of the glass ..........................

Better than every ésto, it is to put a photography of your flower in the Forum.
This way you avoid problems and we might help.

Also you can follow the Optional LINK and other LINKS of Camellias's web pages that exist in

Pardon for my evil English.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINKS Camellias

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Thanks for your assistance. I will follow that procedure. It is not a mathoniana rubra but you have given me an avenue to follow.

Thanks again.

Ed Ball

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