Dwarf camellia/sasanqua

astphard(9a)November 1, 2006

I'm looking for varieties of dwarf camellias or sasanquas that could be easily kept to 3' tall. I'd prefer for them to bloom either white or red. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Dwarf can be a tricky term in this part of the country. Often a reference to dwarf just means that it is slow growing, and while smaller, over time will attain some size. That said, take a look at the Camelia Reverend Ida. It is low growing, compact and spreading. Similar to the Shishigashira but with a red flower. Over time however, it may get over 3', perhaps up to 5'. It has become one of my new favorites.

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Thanks for the recommendation. Where did you get yours? Also, do you think it would do okay in a spot that got morning shade and afternoon sun?

I also understand that dwarf shrubs will not remain dwarf-sized forever. So long as they're able to handle pruning that will keep them at the dwarf size. :) And I prefer slower-growing so that I'm not constantly pruning.

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I got mine at the Hilltop Arboretum fall plant sale in Baton Rouge. They ususally have a good selection of more unusual or harder to find Plants. Green's nursery in Fairhope, Alabama also has a very good selection, which is actually where Hilltop gets their Camelias. Mine grow in a fair amount of shade, but Sasanqua's can ustually take more sun than the Japanicas. The reverse would be better, morning sun afternoon shade but it may be ok it not too much harsh sun.

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Camellia 'Winter's Rose' is a dwarf cultivar and slow growing -- it's also pretty hardy. It has shell pink, rose-shaped flowers. Try Fairweather Gardens online for a source.


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