IT'S ALIVE!!! (Franken-mater? Dracu-Tom?)

merricat(Zone 3a Canada)April 29, 2006

Since the Great Tomato Massacre of 2006, I've been taking care of the remains by keeping the soil moist, the temperature moderate, and my DH as far from them as is possible without sending him into the next time zone.

So far it's been a discouraging task. Rather than put forth new shoots, they've been steadily decomposing into their individual pots. (Oh, well...Compost is never a bad thing). The three that I had some hope for have been stoicly keeping upright-ish, though the dead leaves and pinched-off shoot haven't exactly been encouraging.

Today I went for my usual caretaking...and saw that one of thes tomatos, an Urbikani (which I've NEVER seen in any catalogue), HAS PUT ON A NEW LEAF! A GREEN leaf, not the off-olive/pondslime-green shade that everything else is.

I gave a happy yelp that brought the DH running from the house. He stopped just outside the greenhouse (no doubt thinking I had uncovered another buried body and reconsidering all possible exits.)

"WHAT HAPPENED??!" he asks.

I turn around, grinning like a lunatic, and point to my Almost Certainly Going To Live heirloom tomato. I LOVED the Urbikani toms, this is great news!

"Oh...just one? I thought it was something important."

I take a deep breath, and remind him that these "not important" tomatoes took much care, time and attention, and the only reasons he's still breathing are a) the help and support of GW gardeners, and that b)I've already taken my First Vows, which include following the Precept of No Killing.

He points out that it's just a bunch of tomatoes and it's not a big deal.

I muse that I could call my uncle Vito, who has a lovely villa near Milano, is a passionate tomato and basil gardener, and is referred to by my family as A Businessman Who Doesn't Work In Anything We Need To Know About.

He muses that he should probably shut up.

So I have at least one of my heirlooms back from the dead. Maybe as many as 3 (each a different variety), but I won't know about that for a bit.

That little bit of green has made today a whole lot brighter. :-D



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That's great news. I guess he knows better than to argue with a woman who has an uncle Vito! Too bad he didn't think of that before the massacre...

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