What can I plant between two brugs

lovetogrowflowers(8)May 21, 2014

Since brugs get so big and this area gets a lot of sun during the day, and finally gets shaded around 4pm, what could I put in between the two? Each brug would be about 4 feet away on either side. But you know brugs, they get big. Would they put off too much shade, cause I'd really like a sun loving plant.

I'm a new gardener and still have trouble with placing things right. I'd love a knockout rose there, but not sure if it would do well, if it wouldn't look right, with a 3-4 foot knockout rose between two nearly 8-10 brugs on either side.

Don't laugh at me, but here's my setup. I've got crap growing everywhere in this area, from four o' clocks, cleome, brugs and now that empty spot where once was a lantana. And this past winter killed it.

Any ideas?

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put in the rose and just keep them trimmed back. Mine are 8-10` tall and about as wide.
Tally Ho!

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

You can put in Colocasia, Hawaiian Ti plants, Shrimp plants, Purple shield..really anything you want. You could try canna because it can handle the water and fertilizer that brugs want. Be creative :) I have used all the above. You can also plant lower growing things like caladiums in front of the brugs and the brugs will shade them a little.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I really like to try and get a dense layered look in my flower beds.

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