Limb Up / Shape to Tree Standard - Help Appreciated.

Christopher770(7)November 27, 2012

First, I am amazed at all the wonderful and detailed information all you great people have to give. I am relatively naive to gardening, but now really starting to get into it. Having recently enlarged my patio and installing new bushes, I had researched with the help of my local, most awesome Nursery (Woody's Nursery - Duluth, Ga.), decided that I wanted a Camellia in a tree form to be one of the focal points for this new area I have created. Unfortunately, he could not give me much advice on training these.

Type: Alabama Beauty Red Camellia Susquehanna. I wanted a larger bush to start with and my nurseryman found a nice 15gl that had what we thought was a great trunk form for my purpose. The bush is about 2-months now in its new home and is blooming quite nicely. The bush has stalks shooting up to 10' tall, which I love (got to love these garden sites that say these will only get 6-8ft max height). However, my ultimate goal is about a 15ft tree with a nice bushy canopy in tree form.
My questions are:
1. When to prune?
2. Where to other words, how far up should I cut, how and where should I start cutting?
3. Do I need to cut the top at all at this point?
4. In addition, looking at the pictures I have attached, I show a close up of one of the leaves with what looks to me to be leaf spot. It is more noticeable on the backside of the leave, and currently only affecting a few. Does anyone see this as an issue and know what I can do now, if anything, to thwart any problems.

PS....just realized I can only post one pic at time and selected this one. I dont have a website where I can post severla for all to see. However, I can post more on any reply's.

Thank you very much to any an all who respond!!


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Base of Tree

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Leave Spot Maybe - Any ideas?

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the leaf spots could be oedema. search the internet for pics of that condition (has to do with excess moisture).
hard to tell from your photo.

have a look at dorie's reply (linked below) to a similar thread from this site on pruning a large camellia. i would prune after flowering, before new growth commences.
you could remove some of the small branches in conjested areas to give a more open form, especially near the base. start by thinning small stuff and step back and look for the form you want.
camellias can recover from severe or rejuvenation pruning although not as quickly as some other plants.
looks like there is a major branch headed toward the house. you could take that one off and clean up the trunk a few feet higher but it all depends on what you like. start with a few and go from there. doesn't have to be done all at once.

Here is a link that might be useful: pruning a large camellia

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